Grocery and Convenience Store Security Camera Systems

Wireless Surveillance without Running Cable

Grocery stores have unique video surveillance needs. Parking lots have power for security cameras, but trenching for cable is expensive and time consuming. Seasonal product displays such as garden plants, pumpkins, snow supplies, Christmas trees, or other temporary problem areas need surveillance but running cable for a temporary need is too expensive.

For temporary or hard to cable situations, wireless security cameras are a good choice. A wireless camera can be easily installed in a day and relocated in minutes without running cable.

4G and WiFi Wireless Technologies Have Improved

You may have tried wireless video surveillance before and found it to be unreliable and hard to configure. It's time to give it another look. WiFi router technology has improved. 4G cellular service areas have expanded. A camera with a built-in 4G modem doesn't require a local router and doesn't interfere with your existing IT network.  

Cloud Camera Advantages

The SN2 Series has multiple advantages over traditional DVR-based security camera systems. It doesn't have any minimum or maximum number of cameras you can have in a system. Even if a store has an existing security camera system, a Cloud Camera can easily be added without interferring. Plus a cloud based recording system means the video is stored on cloud, secure safe, no need to worry about DVRs getting damaged or vandalized.

View Video on Any Device with Internet Access

Loss prevention officers can be mobile with a smart phone or tablet that views multiple cameras. The back office doesn't need a dedicated monitoring station. A standard computer that is used for daily office work can double as a viewing station. And, at the airport, at home, or in a car, you can always check in to view store activity wherever you have internet access.

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